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I, Carina Ortega, graduated with a BFA degree in fashion design from the University of North Texas. After earning my degree, I gained five years of experience in the fashion industry. Working for Alcantar, Vivian's Fashion Company, Camogirl Realtree, BOLD, Tall Lady, and others have allowed me to have more knowledge and skills in business management. I specialize in special custom design ranging from lingerie, swimwear, and activewear to casual wear, evening wear, and accessories. I am also a committed leader in the apparel manufacturing industry handling and organizing brands, schedules, websites, production, and inventory. Having the ability to work in a fast environment that involves interacting with clients, buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers to meet deadlines. As well as the capacity to resolve and encourage staff with proven teamwork success. Recognized for clients' project execution. Problem solver and hardworking, determined, and motivated individual seeking opportunities to apply her creative, managing, communicating, and stylist skills. 

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Tel: (940) 999-1120

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